Selected works since the 1960s. More will be added continously.

Spray, Nevada (1969)
A total of 10 framed works (each with three photos) plus one wooden box containing samples from the desert. Each framed work may be exhibited separately.

Spray, Nevada (1969) documents a series of ten interventions performed by the artist in the American desert in 1969. First the artist singled out a location and photographed it. He then applied spray paint and documented the intervention in another photograph. Finally, he collected samples of the spraypainted organic material in a clear plastic container and photographed the spot once more after the material had been removed. 

Browse below to see a large version of one photo from each of the ten works:

The material collected in each of the ten locations were placed in clear plastic containers and are housed in a wooden box constructed by the artist. The photographs from each of the ten locations were also included. On the lid of the box, the first stage can be seen (photographing). Once opened, a second set of photographs on the inside of the lid show the second stage of the project (spraypainting). By removing the plastic containers with the collected material from the box, the third stage of each intervention can be seen in photographs in the bottom of the box (material removed). The interaction with the box thus resembles the process of the original interventions.