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What's Happening? – Stig Brøgger in 1965-1975 survey at SMK

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What's Happening? is a new survey show mounted by SMK, the National Gallery of Denmark in Copenhagen. Covering the years 1965-1975, this is the first large-scale survey of Danish art from this period. The exhibition features Stig Brøgger's Pamela installation from 1968, displayed in it its original form for the first time since the 1960s. Brøgger's work Blybilleder / Lead pictures is also on show. Developed in 1969-1971, Blybilleder utilizes slide projectors and closed-circuit video in a reflection on points of view and the relation between artist, media and viewers. The work has been acquired by SMK for its collection ahead of the exhibition.  

The show opens on March 26, 2015.  

From Blybilleder / Lead Pictures (1969-1971)

Stig Brøgger: Pamela (1968), installation shot